That Time The Voice Spoke To Me In Laguna Beach

That Time The Voice Spoke To Me In Laguna Beach

March 13, 2018

“It’s not London. You need to live near the water.” I’m sorry, what????? This was what I heard from The Voice inside in March 2016.  

I was sitting on the beach in Laguna Beach, California, at a live event coaching experience.  We had our Chiropractic Office on the market, and had plans to move back home to Ontario, and find a home in the city of London.  We had already begun to look at houses online.  Schools. Neighbourhoods.  And then journalling, I heard it. 

So weird right?   Like some kind of Field of Dreams moment when Ray hears:  “If you Build it, They Will Come.”

But, listen. We all have it inside of us.  So what really is the Voice?  It is that inner knowing.  Intuition.  Gut Feeling. 

Think of it as your own personal GPS guiding you to where you need to be and showing you the way.  I know.  Sounds so Woo Woo, right?  But seriously, Sister…it’s for reals. 


When the Voice Speaks, Listen.  Then follow. 

It’s been the biggest Shift in my Life over the past 3 years. Listening to the Voice. Following it.  Even when it’s scary to do. Especially then.

As I write this now, we do not live in London. We listened to The Voice.  We live on Vancouver Island in Victoria, BC, Canada.  In a home. On Beach Drive.  Right across the street from the Ocean.  I actually can see the ocean outside my office as I type these words to you now. 

So The Voice you hear inside for you?   Listen to it.  Follow it.  Even if it seems crazy.  

Because The Voice is always, always, always, did I say always…..RIGHT. 

Just Call me The Voice Whisperer, 


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