The Reason I Choose To Get Hit In The Face

The Reason I Choose To Get Hit In The Face

March 13, 2018

Almost 2 years ago, I felt this urge to begin Boxing. Yes, like many females, I was inspired by Ronda Rousey. I lifted for 30+ years (not a typo) and did Crossfit for the last 8 of those. So Boxing would seem like an easy fit, right?

Except it was something brand new. And the biggest reason, outside of the obvious of how great it feels to hit shit….I was terrified of getting hit in the face.

So I began training with my boxing Coach Rob at Victoria Martial Arts September 2016. And it is one of the hardest things I’ve even done.

With Boxing, you MUST be All in.

And the times I have not, and lost my focus…..well, I’ve gotten punched in the face. No longer a Fear.

So how does this relate to YOU? When you Live your Life ALL IN… can become your super power. It’s a Commitment. A Willingness to jump right into Life, and do whatever is required to get the Results you want. No mater what.

These 2 powerful words mean you are no longer making excuses, believing your bullshit lies, or creating reasons for the lack of Results you have in your Life.

You OWN your Life. Because you are ALL IN.

ALL in is a Credo by which I live my Life. I’m going to encourage you to do the same.

Go get it,

Sister, Karen

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