Karen Osborne
It all began with a Be the Change t-shirt. . .
You know, one of the most famous quotes of all time (thank you, Gandhi). 
I wore that t-shirt until it fell apart. 
It meant something to me.  
Yes, the shirt was cool, but it represented 3 powerful words that perfectly described my Belief about Life. 

You want something?  
YOU be the one to make it happen. 
It then began my obsession to Wear Who I Am. 
To show the World who I was with what I wear on the outside combined with how I truly Live my Life. 

Then 6 years ago, I listened to the Voice inside to take myself out of Chiropractic, my beloved profession for over a decade, to leading Women to Power. 
It was, and IS, a Calling. 
I birthed the Women Wanting MORE podcast in August 2015, and so it began. 

Although I had truly been leading Women my entire Life, it was now becoming a Movement. 
A Revolution of Women Who Want and desire MORE within their Life. 
And the clothing and products to match it just made sense. 
I embrace the Woman who thinks and lives Life different. 
That Woman is a Powerful Bad Ass. 
She is Me. 
And she is You. 
Welcome to Women Wanting MORE…the Movement that is teaching Women how to Find and Rise into their Power as Wives, Mothers, Business Women and Selves.  
From the podcast to Group Coaching to Live Events to Online Programs, and now…..the products to Align it all.
I honour and appreciate you for being here. 
It’s time, Sister, to Wear Who You Are. 

Love and appreciate YOU, 

Dr. Karen Osburn 

P.S.  You will also be hearing about my life as a Wife and Mommy and these cast of characters….
My sexy and brilliant husband and King, Ed.  We’ve been together for 25 years, married for almost 18.
My crazy and awesome sons: Tyson, 7 years old, and Kai, 4 1/2 years old. 
My 2 old bitches aka fur babies: Lola and Karma
And the background for most of the images you see here?  
I am grateful to live my Life of MORE on Vancouver Island in Victoria, BC, Canada, where we live across the street from the Ocean.  

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