I Am Powerful 15oz Mug


It took me a long time to own my Power. 

And so many Women that are my clients or listeners of the podcast really struggle with this concept of power.  

Because you know, that’s too Alpha, Aggressive, Masculine, Blah, Blah, Blah. 

We’ve been told we are just ‘too much’. 

But yet, feel like we’re not Enough. 

It’s time to CLAIM that Power back. 

Power is an Action, but it is also a Declaration. 

You can CHOOSE Power any step of the Way. 

In your Words. 

In your Actions. 

In your Decisions. 

I AM….the 2 most powerful words ever.  

A statement of BE-ing. 

Then you add Powerful to the end of that, and it’s Game Over. 

Product Descriptions:

Mug: You Are Powerful…and nothing wrong with filling this mug up with your favourite warm drink to give you the Fuel to BE that Powerful Woman. 

• Ceramic
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
• White and glossy
• Made in the USA

On those draggy days that you don’t feel like getting shit done, need motivation to stay in the game, or simply want a daily reminder of WHO YOU ARE…..fill this larger sized mug with your favourite caffeinated beverage and get fired up and ready for your day.  Bold, Strong, and In Your Face, these mugs will become your faves to use every day!

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