Trust and Surrender Lightweight Hoodie


This is the hardest thing to do. 

I get it, Sister. 

You want to control your kids, body, husband, work……LIFE. 

Well, good luck with that. 

Life is about uncertainty.

I know you know this, but you know you can’t control it all, right? 

You do the ONLY thing you can control is this Life Equation: YOU. 

And the rest……deep breath….Trust and Surrender. 

You do what you need to do, and let go. TRUST. 

You take Action where you need to in your Life. Then SURRENDER. 

You need to Let Go in order to fully Live. 

Your choke hold on Life is stressing you the fuck out. 

Trust and Surender, Sister. Trust and Surrender. 

Product Descriptions:

Hoodie: You portray this Message in how you show up in Life. Now you can share this Message as you walk away and people see it on the back of this warm and soft hoodie. Bad Ass Mom/Wife/Business Woman OR Spiritual AF? How about we just keep them guessing when you wear this hoodie throughout your day…..

wash this the first 3-4 times separately so it doesn’t shed on your other clothes, and tie a knot in the string. If not, the string comes out in the wash (I actually like it better this way!)
Also, this hoodie runs bigger. Wear it your normal size with extra room, or size down for a more snug fit. 

Size guide

Chest to Fit (inches) 31-34 34-37 38-41 42-45 46-49 50-53

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